First off, to all my new followers :

please read the update after the break


I’m getting so much feedback on my stories back on dA, new followers here and on my roleplay blog, and RotG-Secret-Elf really took off! I’m so happy about all of this, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’ve never seen so many messages in my mail box, gmail, and dA message box!

I’m trying my best to manage everything AND write my stories, but its proving to be a struggle; I need to learn how to organize all of this. So if I miss a message or anything, don’t worry! It just means I’m probably off having a panic attack. ;D Kidding, okay maybe not because I have five tests this week and a field trip and im gonna die alright…

Add to that the fact that I think I caught strep throat, and you’ll be ready to watch a high school girl’s head explode. I also have a gymnastics competition this Saturday. UGH I WANT SUNDAY TO COME.

  1. switzdark91931 said: You take your sweet ol’ time with your responses! The best advice I’ve heard about managing original content blogs/asks is: if it stops feeling fun, take a break! Because fun is why you’re doing it in the first place, yes?
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